Formations en anglais

Diplômes et formations en anglais

Dans le cadre de l'internationalisation de ses formations, AGROCAMPUS OUEST propose une offre de formation en anglais accessible aux étudiants en semestre d'échange ou en candidature individuelle.

Autumn Semester

Period: from September to January
Application deadline: June 15th

Programme in Agroecology

AGROCAMPUS OUEST's Agricultural Engineering MSc in Agroecology is based on a transdisciplinary approach of agroecosystems with a focus on agronomical, ecological, environmental, economic and social issues.

Venue: Rennes, France


  • Bachelor’s degree with a background in agronomy, crop science, animal science, soil science, ecology, economic and social sciences
  • B2 level English proficiency

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Programme in Seeds and Pant Propagation

AGROCAMPUS OUEST's Horticultural Engineering MSc Seeds and Plant Propagation is based on interdisciplinary courses that integrate biology, production technologies, conservation strategies, data management and experimental design along with business management, intellectual properties and regulations.

Venue: Angers, France


  • Master 1 with a background in Plant sciences (Genetics, Physiology, Biochemistry, Plant pathology) and Basic statistics
  • B2 level English proficiency

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Spring Semester

Period: From February to June
Application deadline: November 30th

The aim of this semester is to train and inspire future scientific leaders to meet the agricultural challenges of the 21st century.

Venue: Rennes, France


  • B2 level English proficiency

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Master's degree: Transitions in environmental and agrifood systems management (TEAM-Actors)

This programme is focused on social dynamics.

It is open to English speaking students (French students or international students) who whant to prepare a diploma.

Venue: Rennes, France
Period: 2 years of study
Academic year: from September to June


  • Bachelor's degree in the field of biology or equivalent, after selection on file and possibly interview
  • B1 level English proficiency

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Erasmus Mundus Master's degree

An Erasmus Mundus Masters Degree is a high-level integrated international study program delivered jointly by an international consortium of higher education institutions. AGROCAMPUS OUEST is involved in:

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