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Juliane Floury

Département productions animales, agroalimentaire, nutrition (P3AN)
65 rue de Saint-Brieuc
CS 84215
F-35042 Rennes Cedex France

tél : +33 (0)2 23 48 54 52
fax : +33 (0)2 23 48 55 78

Research Topics
Main Publications

I am an Assistant Professor in food processing and technology in AGROCAMPUS OUEST since November 2002. After a PhD thesis in the University of Nantes on the ultra high pressure homogenization of emulsions (UMR CNRS ENITIAA-GEPEA).
I am now fulfilling my research duties within the National Institute for Agricultural Research in the Research Unit for the Science and Technology of Milk and Eggs (UMR STLO INRA-AGROCAMPUS OUEST).
My main research interests relate to the development of innovative food process equipments for microbial decontamination and the study of the dynamics of water and other solutes during cheese brining and ripening. In 2005-2006, I spent one year in Australia within the Control and Optimisation Research Group of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of New South Wales (UNSW). 


- Food processing technologies
- Food preservation
- Dairy product technology
- Biochemical engineering 

Research Topics

1 - Pulsed electric field processing of dairy products
- Inactivation of micro organisms of pulsed electric field processed milk ; - Effects of PEF on milk constituents: enzymes, proteins ; - Synergies of antimicrobial effects of PEF and other food preservation strategies (moderate heat treatments, active bactericide molecules).

2 - Mass transfer study during cheese brining and ripening
- Experimental characterisation of cross transfers of aqueous solutes in soft-type cheese matrix;
- Mathematical modelling of transfer phenomena in complex heterogeneous media;
- The main objective of this research is to be able to limit the salt concentration in cheese products while ensuring a acceptable organoleptic quality for the consumer.

Main Publications

- Journal articles :

J. FLOURY, A. DESRUMAUX, M.A.V. AXELOS & J. LEGRAND (2002). Degradation of methylcellulose during ultra-high pressure homogenisation, Food Hydrocolloids, 16 47-53. J. FLOURY, A. DESRUMAUX & J. LEGRAND (2002). Effect of ultra-high pressure homogenization on the structure and the rheological properties of soy protein stabilized emulsions, Journal of Food Science, 67(9) 3388-3395.

J. FLOURY, A. DESRUMAUX, M.A.V. AXELOS & J. LEGRAND (2003). Effect of high pressure homogenisation on methylcellulose as food emulsifier, Journal of Food Engineering, 58 (3) 227-238.

J. FLOURY, J. BELLETTRE, J. LEGRAND & A. DESRUMAUX (2004). Analysis of a New Type of High Pressure Homogenizer. A. Study of the Flow Pattern, Chemical Engineering Science, 59 (4) 843-853.

J. FLOURY, A. DESRUMAUX & J. LEGRAND (2004). Analysis of a New Type of High Pressure Homogenizer. B. Study of Droplet Break-up and Recoalescence. Chemical Engineering Science, 59 (¬6) 1285-1294.

J. FLOURY, N. GROSSET, N. LECONTE, M. PASCO, M.-N. MADEC & R. JEANTET (2006). Continuous milk processing by pulsed electric field at non lethal temperature: effect on microbial inactivation and functional properties. LAIT, 86 (1) 43-57.

J. FLOURY, N. GROSSET, E. LESNE & R. JEANTET (2006). Continuous processing of skim milk by a combination of pulsed electric fields and conventional heat treatments: does a synergetic effect on microbial inactivation exist ? LAIT 86 (3) 203-211.

J. FLOURY, J. CARSON & Q.T. PHAM (2007). Modelling thermal conductivity in heterogeneous media with the Finite Element Method. Food and Bioprocess Technology. DOI 10.1007/s11947-007-0001-6.

J. FLOURY, A. LE BAIL & Q. T. PHAM (2008). A three-dimensional numerical simulation of the osmotic dehydration of mango and effect of freezing on the mass transfer rates, Journal of Food Engineering, 85, 1-11.

J. FLOURY, B. CAMIER, F. ROUSSEAU, C. LOPEZ, J.-P. TISSIER & M.-H. FAMELART. Reducing salt level in food. Part 1: Controlled manufacture of model cheese systems and their structure-texture relationships. LWT - Food Science and Technology (soumis).

J. FLOURY, O. ROUAUD, M. LE POULLENNEC & M.-H. FAMELART. Reducing salt level in food: Part 2: Modelling salt diffusion in model cheese systems with regards to their composition. LWT - Food Science and Technology (soumis).

- Thesis :

J. FLOURY, Experimental study of a membrane-based solvent extraction process and modelling of the mass transfer of volatile organic compounds, Rapport de DEA, INSA de Toulouse, 1999, 48 p.

J. FLOURY, Structuration par homogénéisation à très hautes pressions d’émulsions alimentaires, Thèse de Doctorat, Spécialité Génie des Procédés, Ecole Polytechnique de l’Université de Nantes, 2002, 271p.

- Book chapters :

R. JEANTET, T. CROGUENNEC, P. SCHUCK & G. BRULE, Science des aliments, Vol 1. Stabilisation biologique et physico-chimique. Editions TEC & DOC Lavoisier, Paris, 2006 :
- Chapitre 10.1 : J. FLOURY & R. JEANTET, Opération de stabilisation biologique : réfrigération et congélation ;
- Chapitre 10.4 : J. FLOURY, Opération de stabilisation biologique : Stabilisation par inhibition chimique ;
- Chapitre 11 : J. FLOURY, Opérations de stabilisation physico-chimique.

- Conference papers :

J. FLOURY*, A. DESRUMAUX & J. LEGRAND, Effect of ultra high pressure homogenization (350 MPa) on the texture of soy protein emulsions, 2002 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo, 15-19 juin 2002 Anaheim, Californie (conférence invitée).

J. FLOURY, A. DESRUMAUX & J. LEGRAND, Modélisation de l’émulsification dans un homogénéisateur très hautes pressions, Congrès Mondial de l’Emulsion, 24-27 septembre 2002, Lyon, France (poster).

J. FLOURY, N. HAMARD, M.-N. MADEC, N. GROSSET, R. JEANTET*, New prospects for non thermal stabilization of milk: use of pulsed electric fields, Innovation in dairy industry, 3-5 November 2004, Lugo, Spain (conférence invitée).

H. BOUAIOUINA, J. FLOURY, A. DESRUMAUX, J. LEGRAND*, Ultra High Pressure Homogenization (350 MPa) as a way to modify functional properties of food macromolecules in Proceedings of Technological Innovation and Enhancement of Marginal Products, Ceverini Carla, D. Pili Teresa, Giuliani Roma, p 352-358, 6-8 avril 2005, Foggia, Italie (conférence invitée).

J. FLOURY, Q. T. PHAM* & A. LE BAIL, A Comsol Simulation of the Osmotic Dehydration of Mango, FOODSIM 2006, 17-19 juin 2006, Naples, Italie.

H. BOUAIOUINA, J. FLOURY, A. DESRUMAUX, J. LEGRAND*, Effect of the process on the end-use properties of the emulsions. Congrès Mondial de l’Emulsion, 3-6 octobre 2006, Lyon, France (conférence invitée).

J. FLOURY, Q. T. PHAM & A. LE BAIL, Modeling the Coupled Mass Transfer Phenomena During Osmotic Dehydration of Fresh and Frozen Mango Tissues, Proceedings of the COMSOL Users Conference 2006, Paris, 7 novembre 2006, Paris, France, p 225-231.

* lecturer


Laboratoire Génie des procédés – environnement – agro-alimentaire (GEPEA)

UMR INRA-AGROCAMPUS OUEST Sciences et Technologie des Aliments (STLO)

University of New South Wales - School of Chemical Sciences and Egineering