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Biochemistry Unit

UP Biochemistry, Human Nutrition
Director: Philippe LEGRAND


This unit focuses on biosynthesis and the functions of fatty acids on nutrition and health, taking in three main areas:
•    Metabolism and physiological roles of saturated fatty acids.
•    Biosynthesis of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids from their essential precursors, linoleic and α- linoleic acids, role of Δ6 Δ5 desaturases.
•    Human fatty acid (n-3) intake through the introduction of flax in animal feed.

Based in Rennes, this unit is home to four AGROCAMPUS OUEST research-lecturers and one research engineer.


UP Biochimie Nutrition humaine

65 rue de Saint-Brieuc
CS 84215
F-35042 Rennes Cedex