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Agrocampus Ouest WebsiteAGROCAMPUS OUEST

Institute for life, food and horticultural sciences and landscaping

Research units and labs

The 13 research units (eleven of which are under the authority of AGROCAMPUS OUEST, and with three of which it is associated) cover the 5 main areas with high application potential that AGROCAMPUS OUEST is keen to develop :

  1. Vegetal, animal, systems
  2. Environmental issues - resources, territories and urban planning
  3. Fisheries science, sea, coastal zones
  4. Food science
  5. Landscapes

Its 130 research-lecturers conduct academic or applied research, intended to respond in an innovative fashion to current issues in life sciences. Scientific projects are jointly defined with partners.


Scientific Department

tel. : +33 (0)2 23 48 56 77