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Institute for life, food and horticultural sciences and landscaping

Research and students

At AGROCAMPUS OUEST, the natural interaction between research and teaching constitutes a major asset for students :

  • the teaching staff of AGROCAMPUS OUEST, all of whom are research-lecturers, collaborate with leading teams at European and international level, and contribute to the diffusion of French agricultural research.
  • teaching is strongly supported by all the accredited research structures and units in which AGROCAMPUS OUEST participates.
  • advances in research enhance innovation processes and enrich teaching.
  • traineeships in research laboratories, in France or abroad, are an integral part of the course.
  • the institute uses innovation and technology transfer facilities, and its own experimentation grounds.


Going further : the PhD

PhD studies constitute the ultimate stage in education though research. A truly thorough way of developing innovation and creativity, the PhD represents a springboard for many different careers requiring a high level of technical ability and a strong capacity to manage complex problems, as well as a passport to international careers.
AGROCAMPUS OUEST is authorised to award PhDs in eight specialisms.


Scientific Department

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