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Learning through research

A research project takes up most of the three thesis years. It is carried out within a laboratory accredited for its scientific standards and under the direction and observation of a thesis supervisor (a researcher with Research Supervision Authorisation).

Teaching is also provided in accordance with the specific research and laboratory requirements, as well as in the interests of general culture, adaptability and career plans.

The doctoral schools also oversee aspects of PhD training.

The laboratory within which the thesis is completed is responsible for providing specific teaching which directly related to advancing research.
AGROCAMPUS OUEST gives lessons in association with the doctoral schools which are intended to expand overall knowledge (lectures, statistical training, bibliography management) and establish exchanges with the scientific community (English language, using networks, public speaking and conferences).

Research projects are set out and discussed in a thesis and defended orally before a panel of specialists who will decide whether or not to pass the PhD and what grade it is to be given. The PhD qualification is awarded following a viva voce.


PhD theses from Rennes are awarded under the seal of the "Université Bretagne Loire", a label of excellence for those with international ambitions.



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