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9 top reasons to choose AGROCAMPUS OUEST

1. A privileged environment in the heart of Europe’s leading agricultural area

AGROCAMPUS OUEST is based in the heart of a richly endowed territory, between land and sea: Brittany and the Pays de la Loire constitute Europe’s leading agricultural and agri-food area.
Being located in this region represents a vital asset in terms of professional partnerships as well as opportunities for agricultural training and research. It is the basis for first-rate student training and the perfect terrain for scientific research and activities transferable to global level.


2. A desire to promote the sustainable development of resources and territories for 180 years

At AGROCAMPUS OUEST, sustainable development is more than just a passing trend.
Since its foundation in the late 19th century, AGROCAMPUS OUEST has been a major force in agricultural training and research. The college carries out research work, in close partnership with national and international research bodies, intended to provide solutions to contemporary issues in life sciences and train the kind of life-science engineers that the modern world requires.


3. A first-rate faculty composed of 130 research-lecturers

At AGROCAMPUS OUEST all lecturers, with the exception of language and sports teachers, are research-lecturers: they divide their time between lecturing and research activities, which they perform within approved research units. Students therefore benefit from the latest advances in research, which feed into all lessons, and enjoy daily contact with those contributing to French agricultural research.


4. A multi-disciplinary, scientific and methodological training approach, backed by high-level research

As a top higher education and research institution, AGROCAMPUS OUEST trains students to a high scientific level, enabling them to respond to contemporary issues in life sciences. 
The multi-disciplinary courses (life sciences, engineering sciences, economic and social sciences, and management) are delivered by research-lecturers and researchers. Numerous professionals also contribute to these lessons.


5. A professionalised training programme, ensuring applicability in an international context

At AGROCAMPUS OUEST, we believe that professionalism is acquired through contact with professionals: students benefit on an everyday basis from privileged links with professionals (visits from professionals, study trips, visits, Work & Trade forum, etc.) and, through internships and projects, they are gradually placed in professional situations.


6. Choice and flexibility

Each student constructs a specific personal and professional project (PPP), in line with its preferences and abilities. 
Step by step, semester by semester, students are supported by a lecturer-tutor in their choice of modules, internship procedures, etc. and benefit from resources dedicated to the construction of their PPP. 
In a perspective of learning to take on responsibilities and to become open-minded, this approach favours the development of unique profiles: when it comes to graduates of AGROCAMPUS OUEST, everyone is different!


7. Diversity and excellence

As a public establishment, AGROCAMPUS OUEST has chosen to open its courses to students from a diverse range of origins, cultures and initial educational profiles; the college therefore offers various paths to admission and provides a range of courses covering the entire bachelor-master-doctor field - after all, background is no barrier to excellence, and diversity is a source of enrichment.


8. An international experience for all

At AGROCAMPUS OUEST, trips abroad and English courses are compulsory for all, to enable all students to work in an international context.
100% of MSC in engineering students therefore spend at least one month abroad within the framework of an internship or a semester of study.


9. A rich student life and campuses based in cities with a strong student tradition

The strength of a top college also lies in its ability to offer a wealth of human experience and high quality living conditions. On each of AGROCAMPUS OUEST’s campuses, both of which are located in cities with a strong student tradition and high living standards, students can take part in sport, culture, events, entrepreneurial and humanitarian initiatives, and much more.



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