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Institute for life, food and horticultural sciences and landscaping


In support of your development strategy, AGROCAMPUS OUEST places an enormous amount of potential at your disposal: 200 scientists operating in specific areas of expertise and supervising 1950 students, including 130 PhD students, 6 teaching and research departments, 13 research units with over 390 researchers, significant experimentation resources across 3 sites, and more.

Depending on the scale of your needs, AGROCAMPUS OUEST can offer you:

  • collaboration with a young researcher supervised by a lecturer-researcher or a researcher authorised to provide research supervision within the framework of all or part of their PhD thesis (CIFRE thesis)
  • a service offering scientific and technical expertise

In response to a specific issue over a short period, AGROCAMPUS OUEST offers businesses scientific and technical assistance in the form of consultancy or expertise services.
Priority is accorded to multi-disciplinary projects focussing more specifically on scientific or technical questions.
AGROCAMPUS OUEST places at your disposal the skills of its 130 lecturer-researchers, each possessing expertise in a specific area.
In accordance with your needs, researchers from partner research organisations can also intervene, notably from the INRA centres in Rennes and Angers-Nantes, via the joint research units co-supervised by the college.
Thanks to its membership of national and international research networks, AGROCAMPUS OUEST can also draw on the skills of university scientists or of those belonging to other research organisations (ANSES, Irstea, CIA, CNRS, INSERM).
Requests for the provision of services such as audits, market research or statistical processing are forwarded to AGROCAMPUS OUEST’s Job Services office.

  • a multi-partner research project carried out in collaboration with our research units: be at the very forefront of innovation by working with us on research

Do you wish to improve a product or procedure, or carry out cutting-edge research on a subject of strategic importance for your business? We can offer you a research collaboration with one or more of our research units and associated partners. Each party brings their own specific skills or requirements and the research contract sets out this agreement according to the specificities of both parties, notably with respect to confidentiality, industrial property and publications.
Such collaborations are undertaken on a long-term basis, generally between 1 and 3 years.

  • help with innovative business creation.

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