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The Bureau des Sports (BDS) [Sports Office] at AGROCAMPUS OUEST Rennes Centre and the Association Sportive (AS) [Sporting Association] at AGROCAMPUS OUEST Angers Centre deal with sports activities and organise challenge on each campuses.

Sport at AGROCAMPUS OUEST Rennes Centre

• badminton 
• basketball
• French boxing
• horse-riding
• fitness
• football
• handball 
• swimming

Taking part in sport is not compulsory, but its enables students wishing to do so to acquire ECTS credits in the following sports : taekwondo, volleyball, handball, basketball, football, rugby, badminton and swimming.

Sport at AGROCAMPUS OUEST Angers Centre

Team sports
Individual sports – may be practiced in competitions within the FFSU (Fédération Française du Sport Universitaire - French University Sport Federation).
A licence is possible for the following sports :
• athletics
• badminton
• swimming
• squash
• taekwondo
• archery
• shooting

Sport competitions

AGROCAMPUS OUEST enables high-level sports competitors to join the college : they are offered a special arrangement for their educational course, which will usually mean an extend of their studies. Such students benefit from personal support in order to enable them to pursue their studies under the best possible conditions.





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