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Funding your stay


Enrolment fees : from €256 to €1601 per year (2017-2018 rates) depending on the course.
Social security registration fees (compulsory) : €217 per year (not applicable to ERASMUS students). For students over 28 years of age, this may be provided free subject to resources.
Preventative medicine charge : €5,1 per year
Compulsory insurance (civil liability, home) to be taken out on arrival : approximately €70 per year
Additional health insurance (mutual insurance organisation) - optional : from €5 to 20 per month
Accommodation : €235 per month including bills
Other estimated costs : from €250 to 400 per month

Estimated total : €650 per month + Enrolment fees / social security / insurance

Students not receiving a grant from the French government, from foreign governments, from international organisations, and not benefiting from EU programmes, must demonstrate that they have sufficient means of subsistence (i.e. €615 per month), corresponding to 100% of the basic monthly maintenance allowance paid by the French government to foreign students receiving grants (references : Article 36 of Decree no. 2011-1049 of 6 September 2011, amending Article 14 of Decree no. 99-352 of 5 May 1999).


Financial assistance

AGROCAMPUS OUEST does not offer study grants.
It is up to students themselves to secure funding.
Information is available from :
- The French embassy/consulate in your home country, which will inform you of the various student grant options (some grants cover your social security registration fees and exempt you from registration fees)
- the AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie)
- Campus France
- you may also benefit from a housing subsidy (CAF)


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