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Institute for life, food and horticultural sciences and landscaping

Landscaping and Engineering MSc

Recognised and appreciated for their plant knowledge, their creativity and their critical approach, AGROCAMPUS OUEST Landscaping and Engineering graduates go on to work in a very wide variety of positions in the private, public and semi-public sectors related to landscape, which is a public asset of strong cultural significance, and its mutations.

Their specialist training gives them access to the 4 fields of qualifications and trades identified by landscape professionals:
Designing and managing landscape projects: graduates work, either in their own practice or as an employee, in design offices and landscape, architecture and planning agencies in roles dedicated to the development of external spaces (landscape project management, delegated project ownership assistance, etc.).
Consultancy for public, semi-public and private contracting: graduates perform assessments of the evolution of landscapes (landscape analysis, cartography, surveys, etc.), assist with the development of regional policies, design landscape projects on a variety of spatial and temporal scales, for agencies and within regional authorities and state services working in the design and management of public spaces.
Coordinating public policies on landscape and heritage: within the framework of implementation of public landscaping initiatives, graduates apply their skills in project management and interfacing in their relationships with policymakers, government departments and authorities, businesses and not-for-profit organisations.
Work in higher education, research and consultancy: graduates may also choose to enter teaching and research, in which case they will generally complete their education with a PhD in the areas of development and landscaping.


Recruitment rates

- average time taken to find first job: 1.7 months
- 47% of students sign an employment contract before graduating.
- 91% of recent graduates find their first job within 6 months.
- 12% of recent graduates are employed abroad.