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Horticultural Science and Engineering MSc

After general training in horticulture and landscaping (core course), students acquire real expertise in horticulture (fruit and vegetable sectors, ornamental horticulture) and seeds.
Characterised by sectors (fruit and vegetables, ornamental horticulture and green sites) or a disciplinary approach (protection of plants, agriculture, improvement of plants), this training is perfectly suited to the demands of employers and the needs of the sector. The aim is to produce professionals capable of mastering the complexities of the scientific, technical, economic and human systems inherent to these different sectors.

Advanced or introductory lessons structured as teaching units enable students to consolidate their agricultural, scientific and economic knowledge in horticulture.
The selection of an option in the final year allows students to focus on narrower areas in which they will become experts.


The MSc 1st year (M1)

MSc 1st year lessons are comprised of teaching units and of constitutive units, some of which  are compulsory and some of which are chosen as options in accordance with career plans.


The MSc 2nd year (M2)

MSc 2nd year lessons are based around four majors, each including a final 6-month internship leading to the defence of a thesis.

In line with their professional project, students can choose a major:



Agricultural economics
Engineering of urban vegetal areas
Environmental engineering
Plant health and environment applied to horticulture
Science and plant engineering

- coupled with an AGROCAMPUS OUEST research-oriented master’s (M2)


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