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Institute for life, food and horticultural sciences and landscaping

Horticultural Science and Engineering MSc

Teaching location: Angers
Entry levels: B1, B2, B3 and M1 (MSc 1st year)
Teaching language: French
Course fees: rate set by the Agriculture Ministry (€1601 for 2016/2017).
Students receiving grants are exempt from enrolment and social security fees

As plant specialists, Horticultural Sciences and Engineering graduates are experts in the field of horticulture (fruit and vegetable sector, ornamental horticulture) and seeds. Fully conversant with contemporary economic and social questions, they are able to respond to major issues such as sustainable development, food quality and safety and biodiversity.


High-level specialists in environmental and food production issues, AGROCAMPUS OUEST Horticultural Sciences and Engineering graduates boast multidisciplinary training enabling them to draw on knowledge of sustainable development in life sciences and technologies, engineering, humanities and social sciences.

Thanks to their ability to understand and manage complex systems and to model their functioning and evolution, they have five main areas of activity, from local to international level, from genetics to consumer affairs:

  • creation, selection, conservation and management of plant materials (seeds, fruits, flowers, vegetables)
  • elaboration, production and marketing of plant-based products, designs and services
  • management, control, and quality maintenance of these products within organised sectors
  • organisation, management and coordination of structures (business, public bodies, etc.) involved in the horticultural sectors.
  • development of knowledge and analytical frameworks (scientific and technical innovations, context, issues, stakeholders, etc.), enabling future strategies to be devised for the sectors.