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Institute for life, food and horticultural sciences and landscaping

Agricultural Engineering MSc

Teaching location: Rennes
Entry levels: B3 and M1 (MSc 1st year)
Teaching language: French
Course fees: rate set by the Agriculture Ministry (€1601 for 2017/2018).
Students receiving grants are exempt from enrolment and social security fees


As a generalist in life sciences and technologies, the agronomist is a well-rounded scientist conversant with major social issues and able to meet the demands of the socio-economic sector. The student’s multi-disciplinary training enables him or her to adopt a global and critical approach to complex systems from cellular through to regional level. Renowned for its excellence, the agricultural engineering qualification gives access to all those sectors that require a critical approach, creativity and an enterprising mind-set.


As a high-level generalist, AGROCAMPUS OUEST agronomists have a mastery of living systems in their own context and environment. Their multi-disciplinary training, focussed on the sustainable development of resources and territories, allows them to draw on their knowledge in the fields of life sciences, engineering sciences, as well as economics, humanities and social sciences.

AGROCAMPUS OUEST trains graduate students to be able, throughout their career, to:
- pose and solve complex problems using cross-disciplinary approaches, on a scale ranging from cellular to regional and from gene to agri-system
- adapt to the increasing complexity of products, systems and organisations
- be enterprising, creative and innovative.