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Seeds and plants

Master's in Plant biology

Master’s program offered jointly by AGROCAMPUS OUEST, Université d'Angers, Université de Nantes.


The production of seeds and seedlings is a summary of biotechnologies and innovations and conditions the establishment of the crop and therefore the agricultural yields. Understanding seeds and seedlings and being a player in the sector are the most effective levers to meet the challenges of tomorrow's agriculture: food safety, yields in spite of the vagaries of climate, respect for the environment and preservation of biodiversity, competitiveness of companies worldwide.

In this context, this program allows to study in an integrated way the biology of seeds and plants and to understand their agronomic, biotechnological and agro-food applications.
Its objective is to train students capable of mastering the stakes, concepts and methodologies associated with the production and marketing of seeds and seedlings in order to meet the technological and sociological challenges of tomorow's agriculture and horticulture.


Enrolments in 1st year (M1) take place at Université d'Angers.

Enrolments in 2nd year (M2) take place at AGROCAMPUS OUEST.


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Course supervisor
Béatrice TEULAT