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French higher education system

Understanding the French higher education system

The French higher education system includes several types of institutions, both public and private:
1- ‘Grandes Écoles’, or elite colleges, which are accredited to provide teaching and to award the title of MSc in engineering, as well as various vocational master’s, research master’s and PhDs.
2- universities
3- technical higher education institutions, for short vocational courses.
AGROCAMPUS OUEST is a public institution for higher education and research and a member of the Conference of ‘Grandes Écoles’, and falls into the first category.

The BMD system

France, in common with over 50 European countries, adheres to the Bologna Declaration (1999) which launched the construction of the European Higher Education Area.
The system is based on 3 qualification levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral (BMD).
Each qualification level has a number of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits: Bachelor (6 semesters) corresponds to 180 credits and Master (4 semesters) to 120 credits.
The BMD reform is intended to promote mobility among students in Europe.
Semesters completed in France are valid in any other European Union country for study purposes.
Courses provided by AGROCAMPUS OUEST have conformed to the BMD standard since 1999.




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